Ranking Recovery Services

Ranking Recovery Services

If your traffic from Google recently plunged, it may be because of two major Google updates: Penguin and Panda. FindSture has helped dozens of businesses recover their rankings and after a Penguin penalty, and restore site quality for higher rankings post Panda. No tricks, no secrets. We help you get back into compliance and rebuild your rankings.

  • You may have been hit by one or both of these penalties, if:
  • You received a warning from Google regarding unnatural linking or other practices
  • Google notified you regarding a manual penalty
  • You saw a sudden, steep drop in traffic on a specific date
  • Your site disappeared from Googles search results
  • FindSture Google Recovery Service is effective, efficient, and proven.
  • Our ReInclusion Strategy:
  • First, well verify that youre under penalty. Many ranking and traffic drops occur because of onsite issues, rather than penalties. We want to make sure before we begin.
  • Penguin re-inclusion
  • If you are under a Penguin or manual penalty due to unnatural linking, we will:
  • Review your entire link profile, both by hand and using a machine learning filter
  • Look for known link networks, schemes, paid links, and other spam sources
  • On your behalf, request removal from each these sites
  • Keep detailed records of these requests
  • If necessary, prepare a disavow report, telling Google to ignore links that cant be removed
  • Write and submit any necessary reconsideration requests
  • If you work with us, we will continue requests until the penalty is lifted Panda site revitalization

If your site has lost rankings due to onsite issues around low quality content, we need to bring it closer to perfect as defined by the Google Panda algorithm. This is not so much a penalty as a devaluation. So, to help you climb back up in the rankings, we must: Crawl your site using RainGage SEO Rate all pages for quality Check for sitewide issues, such as slow page load times or accidental page exclusions Rewrite and revamp critical pages Remove or exclude thin, low quality pages Find out more We do more than restore site rankings. We study Googles approach to search quality. Read our whitepaper: Googles Declining Spam Tolerance

If you have any questions? feel free to contact our expert team Email us: info@findsture.com

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