Keyword Research & Analyst

Keyword Research & Analyst

Keyword Analysis is at the heart of every SEO campaign. Without it, you would have a difficult time driving traffic to your website. So what is Keyword Analysis? Keyword Analysis is the study of words that people use to find information on the Internet.

There are two types of keywords that are studied. The first type of keyword is called the front rank keyword. This is the most popular keyword or group of keywords that is used by internet users to search for information on a given topic. The second type of keyword is called the long tail keyword, words that are associated with or derived from the front rank keyword. In both cases, an analysis on the quality and relevancy of keywords is made prior to adopting them for website promotion.

Keyword research service is a long drawn out process and requires the use of analytical tools and the assistance of an expert to identify the usefulness of keywords in relation to their promotional value. Choosing the wrong set of keywords to promote your website can result in a poor search engine ranking of your web pages.

Outsourcing to a specialist will not only save you time but also help you to leverage your promotional resources to good effect, driving more traffic to your website and increase the visibility of your web pages amongst search engines.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our Keyword Analysis. Over the years, our Keyword Analysis has been instrumental in driving quality traffic to our clients websites, raising their profile and gaining them high search engine rankings. In short, our experience and expertise in Keyword Analysis has been extremely effective in promoting the online success of our clients.

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